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ALARM.COM SMART HOME DEMONSTRATION CENTER hired us to design and create a facility where they could test, display and demonstrate their smart home security, home automation, video, energy management and wellness solutions. The building they purchased was originally a one story house built in the 1920s that had been awkwardly expanded in 1984 and converted into unappealing office spaces. While it needed to meet commercial code, the building was required to feel like a home.

We changed the orientation of the building to open onto a new patio with a large porch that faces the more prominent street on the corner. A primary goal was to remove walls and join spaces to make visitors aware of the display areas organized around a central kitchen.

The inverted shed roofs of the porch and dining/conference room provide drama and additional light in these spaces as well as marking a clear departure from the original hip roof. The gestures are meant to reference the forward and upward character of the company and their separation from the typical.

Working with was a great experience. We were able to create something unique while working with this vibrant, inventive company as well as gaining an understanding of new home technologies that we may use on future projects. You can learn more about them at Smart Home Demonstration Center