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This sturdy brick 1950’s era builder’s house had generous rooms and a straightforward strength, but needed updates and expansion to meet our clients’ way of living. The addition and renovations allowed us to add detail and enhance the character of their home. On the first floor, the kitchen was extended to include two refrigerators and the sink was oriented to take full advantage of ample natural light provided by corner windows. A screen porch opens off to the side of an expanded family room to overlook the well manicured yard. The second floor, where space was previously limited by a small shed dormered roof, was expanded to include “his” and “hers” bathrooms and a custom master closet to make the most out of the available storage. Well crafted detailing extends to the exterior, where an expanded and rebuilt front porch with more substantial elements and a picture window was replaced with a more traditional arrangement of windows and trim. These subtle moves made a significant improvement to the look and feel of the home upon arrival.

50s Update